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Goodman is not from NC so he has lists in other states as well.

And there were some other businesses along the way, like The Kirby Hunting Club.

And the list of places this bunch has been RUN OUT OF looks like this...

Conway, NC

Swansboro, NC

Atlantic Beach, NC

Morehead City, NC

New Bern, NC

Bridgeton, NC

Greenville, NC

Duplin County

Colfax, NC

Capitol Blvd - Raleigh, NC

Elmira, NY

Garner, NC

Halifax County

Thomasville, NC

Roanoke Rapids

Rome, GA

Weldon, NC

Rocky Mount, NC

Columbus, MS

Havelock, NC

Hampton, VA

Emporia, VA

Newport News, VA

Beaufort, SC


In JUST THE FIRST TWO months that this web site was up, there were over 250,000 visits. Many of the visitors to the site are military folks all around the world. Many were likley Marines that have been stationed here and had the misfortune of meeting Todd Goodman, Russell Atkinson, Christine Atkinson or Charles Grover. Goodman, Grover and the Atkinson's have been in a lot of towns and have ripped off a lot of people... a lot more than what have been here so far. We need to make sure EVERYONE knows who and WHAT he is so that he can not do this to ANYONE EVER AGAIN!!!
Good job spreading the word!! Don't let your friends and family be the next victims. Your forwards will leave this dirt bag with NO place to hide and no more victims or towns to prey on!!

Live hit counter coming soon

DON'T BE FOOLED! This reads like the NEVER ENDING STORY for a reason!

What is now Eagle Auto Transmission,

used to be A-1 Transmission,

which used to be Affordable Transmission...

AND ALL WITHIN SIX MONTHS and the name changes are because we are on to them and telling you what they are up to. ONCE AGAIN THEY CLAIM to be under new ownership and have a NEW NAME - imagine that! This time CHARLES GROVER is the front man! You'll recall that last time it was Goodman's sister Christine Atkinson and her husband Russell Atkinson using the dba A-1 Transmission, claiming that they were the new owners (but that was last month). Does it really matter? It's still "The Shell Game", THE OLDEST CON GAME ON RECORD!

Affordable Transmission and Auto RIPOFFS!!!

Torque Converter thumb

If your vehicle is in need of repair, the LAST place you probably want to think about taking it is to a shop operated by a criminal. As a matter of fact, if you are like most of the people that I have spoken with about this subject, it probably never occurred to you [...]

Hey Todd! The prison called… they’re holding a cell for you!!

todd goodman needs a jail cell

If you live in or near any of these North Carolina areas – Raleigh, Greenville, Morehead City, Havelock, Atlantic Beach, Newport, Top Sail, Swansboro, Jacksonville or anywhere close to one of Todd David Goodman or one of his shops, WATCH OUT!! If you have had ANY DEALINGS with Todd Goodman aka [...]

Mike and Tiffany are hard working local residents, parents and VICTIMS of Todd Goodman aka Affordable Transmission RIP OFFS!

Mike and Tiffany first met Todd Goodman about a year ago at his Morehead City shop (Affordable Transmission Rip Offs). Goodman told them that their truck needed the transmission rebuilt – he tells EVERYONE THAT! Goodman gave them an estimate of between $800 and $1500 and said that $1500 was the worst case scenario.


Victim of Todd Goodman is THREATENED ON HER WAY TO COURT!

One of Todd Goodman’s many victims – a young, hard working, single mother filed a lawsuit against Goodman to try and recover some of the hard earned money that Goodman managed to cheat her out of. The day before she was to appear in court, a man in a white SUV pulled up in front of her home and calling her by name, made threats against her if she dared to show up in court the following day! READ THE WHOLE STORY



We’re having a contest. Lots of folks have asked us what Goodman looks like so we’re going to satisfy their curiosity. Best picture will receive an award!! Send ‘em in!!!

Josh is a United States Marine, a local resident and ANOTHER VICTIM of Todd Goodman and Charles “Chuck” Grover aka Eagle Transmission RIP OFFS and Affordable Transmission RIP OFFS!!

About two weeks ago, we were contacted by Josh, a marine stationed at Cherry Point. If you look under the post titled “Todd Goodman… THIS IS YOUR LIFE!!…”, you will see Josh’s plea for HELP in the comments.

Josh took his 06 Mazda into Eagle Transmission of Havelock when Charles “Chuck” Grover was [...]

FOR SALE – EAGLE TRANSMISSION… and the Brooklyn Bridge!

If you can only afford to buy one or the other, the bridge is a MUCH better deal!

Local Dirt Bags was contacted over the weekend by someone that we’re temporarily calling “BJ”. We say temporarily, because we’re giving “BJ” time to come to his senses before we publish his name. **Note to “BJ” [...]

Your neighbor the Felon…

Convicted Felon

Criminals have moved into your neighborhood…

In your local communities, posing as respectable business people, you will find con artists, thieves and criminals. All just different names for the DIRT BAGS that have moved into our local towns and communities! And if you think they are not in YOUR neighborhood, THINK AGAIN! They are [...]

The GOOD, the BAD and the UGLY…

First the GOOD!!! We THANK and CONGRATULATE the Police Officer that issued Toad the DWI on May 21, 2009.

Anyone that wants to thank that officer in person or just watch Toad squirm, the court date is July 21, 2009 in Beaufort, NC (that’s Carteret County for you out-of-state folks). Now we fully expect [...]

Meet Donna – single mother, local resident and ANOTHER VICTIM of Todd Goodman and Charles Grover aka Eagle Transmission in Havelock aka Affordable Transmission in Morehead City

“My name is Donna. I am a single parent of three kids. I unfortunately got Affordable Transmission In Morehead City to work on my car. My car is worse than it was before I carried it to his shop. You know I am so upset right now!”

When Donna noticed the transmission [...]

Meet Ryan – United States Marine, local resident and VICTIM of Todd David Goodman aka Affordable Transmission aka Eagle Transmission aka Charles Ford Grover

This is the first in a series of personal stories from victims that we are going to be running.

We think people like Ryan are remarkable. Like many other brave men and women, Ryan has chosen to serve his country, putting himself in harms way every day. The irony is that between [...]

Setting the record straight on Charles “Chuck” Grover and Eagle Auto Repair Rip Offs…

We’re here to warn the folks in Havelock, NC and Morehead City, NC about dirt bags operating in their local community. But we also want to be fair, so when Chuck Grover began emailing LocalDirtBags.com, complaining about the information we presented in the last post, we decided to take a better look.

In his [...]

If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck…

IT’S A DUCK! Even if you put a sign up that says “EAGLE Auto Repair and Transmissions”, it’s still a duck… or in this case A TOAD!! That’s right! The Toad (aka Todd Goodman) is back, trying to disguise himself as a business man again. And if you’re the poor unfortunate soul that is [...]

Todd Goodman… THIS IS YOUR LIFE!! (simplified in list form)

Affordable Transmission in Havelock aka A-1 Transmission is now CLOSED!!

Goodman and his sister Chris Atkinson were in the Havelock shop over the weekend clearing out. Goodbye and GOOD RIDDENS! Say… anybody know where Chris can find a job???? [...]

Complaint against Todd Goodman aka Affordable Transmission aka A-1 Transmission aka Russell Atkinson

The first picture is of a transmission. The large end, I believe they call the bell housing and that holds the Torque Converter.

click on images to enlarge

This is a picture of a rebuilt torque converter. The rectangular shaped object on the side is the weight that is welded on [...]

Exhibit #5 – Goodman’s CONVICTION for Extortion

Todd David Goodman’s criminal history spans his ENTIRE adult life and MANY, MANY cities, towns, counties and states. Currently he is ripping off the local residents in Morehead City and Havelock, NC where he operates under Affordable Transmission and A-1 Transmission.

This is from his conviction for EXTORTION in Virginia. You should also [...]

Exhibit #4 – Goodman’s Restoration of Citizenship

Once CONVICTED of a felony, the convicted felon looses certain rights (Loss of Citizenship). After a convicted felon has served out their full sentence, they would then be entitled to have “citizenship restored”. This document restored the citizenship of Todd David Goodman. Notice that the DATE OF DISCHARGE, the end of the period of [...]

Exhibit #1 – Goodman’s CURRENT felony charges in Pitt County

Normally we would use the letters of the alphabet for exhibits, but in this case, I’m afraid we would run out of letters before we displayed all of the exhibits… so we’ll use numbers… they’re endless.

This is direct from the North Carolina Court System. This case is still on the calendar awaiting trial [...]

Exhibit #2 – Goodman’s Civil record from Roanoke Rapids & Halifax County

This is Goodman’s Civil record for Roanoke Rapids in Halifax County, where Goodman thinks “people love him”. This is ONLY the Halifax County Civil records… EACH and EVERY single one of these is a separate case involving Todd David Goodman. This is NOT the entire Civil record, JUST Halifax County where Roanoke Rapids [...]

Exhibit #3 – Goodman’s Prison Record

Click the image to enlarge it

This screen is from the North Carolina Department of Corrections. Notice also that the supervision status is ACTIVE (that means CURRENTLY ON PROBATION/PAROLE.

- – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – -

say [...]

FYI for MP’s…

This is a recent picture of a base sticker on the windshield of a vehicle that is titled and registered in the name of Todd David Goodman. And there is no way that Goodman made the cut for any branch of our military service. So how is it that he has a base [...]


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Oh Oh!!! It seems that Goodman STILL hasn’t learned a thing… NOT ONE THING!!


Are you STILL ripping people off? There are an awful lot of people looking for you lately. Something tells us that you are still up to your same old MESS!! And what's Chucky doing in Jacksonville? You two are not thinking of SPREADING your diseased little operation out, are you?

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