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Goodman is not from NC so he has lists in other states as well.

And there were some other businesses along the way, like The Kirby Hunting Club.

And the list of places this bunch has been RUN OUT OF looks like this...

Conway, NC

Swansboro, NC

Atlantic Beach, NC

Morehead City, NC

New Bern, NC

Bridgeton, NC

Greenville, NC

Duplin County

Colfax, NC

Capitol Blvd - Raleigh, NC

Elmira, NY

Garner, NC

Halifax County

Thomasville, NC

Roanoke Rapids

Rome, GA

Weldon, NC

Rocky Mount, NC

Columbus, MS

Havelock, NC

Hampton, VA

Emporia, VA

Newport News, VA

Beaufort, SC


In JUST THE FIRST TWO months that this web site was up, there were over 250,000 visits. Many of the visitors to the site are military folks all around the world. Many were likley Marines that have been stationed here and had the misfortune of meeting Todd Goodman, Russell Atkinson, Christine Atkinson or Charles Grover. Goodman, Grover and the Atkinson's have been in a lot of towns and have ripped off a lot of people... a lot more than what have been here so far. We need to make sure EVERYONE knows who and WHAT he is so that he can not do this to ANYONE EVER AGAIN!!!
Good job spreading the word!! Don't let your friends and family be the next victims. Your forwards will leave this dirt bag with NO place to hide and no more victims or towns to prey on!!

Live hit counter coming soon

DON'T BE FOOLED! This reads like the NEVER ENDING STORY for a reason!

What is now Eagle Auto Transmission,

used to be A-1 Transmission,

which used to be Affordable Transmission...

AND ALL WITHIN SIX MONTHS and the name changes are because we are on to them and telling you what they are up to. ONCE AGAIN THEY CLAIM to be under new ownership and have a NEW NAME - imagine that! This time CHARLES GROVER is the front man! You'll recall that last time it was Goodman's sister Christine Atkinson and her husband Russell Atkinson using the dba A-1 Transmission, claiming that they were the new owners (but that was last month). Does it really matter? It's still "The Shell Game", THE OLDEST CON GAME ON RECORD!

Your neighbor the Felon…

Convicted FelonCriminals have moved into your neighborhood…

In your local communities, posing as respectable business people, you will find con artists, thieves and criminals. All just different names for the DIRT BAGS that have moved into our local towns and communities! And if you think they are not in YOUR neighborhood, THINK AGAIN! They are making enough money ripping people off that they can (and do) live in every neighborhood, even some of the wealthiest ones! That’s not an assumption, we know it for a fact. We could and would publish their home addresses if it were not against our policy. Dirt Bags rarely open up shops in their own neighborhoods for the same reason that “you don’t kill a skunk on your own doorstep”. So if they aren’t doing business in your neighborhood, it might very well be that they LIVE IN your neighborhood.

We’d like to help you understand how some of these cons work, so that you can be aware and hopefully protect yourself, your friends, your neighbors and your family from being ripped off. Some of these people have been getting away with crimes in our communities for years! Why haven’t they been arrested? Some of them have been, however, North Carolina laws were written – at and for – a time when business was done on a handshake. And that was good enough then. It’s no longer good enough, but our laws have not been updated sufficiently to protect us anymore. That’s not necessarily anyone’s fault, it’s more like a side effect of the rapid growth that NC has experienced over the last few years.

So your next thought is that you’ll file a law suit right? Sure. And that’s a good idea. But just before you do, you might want to do a little checking. You see, most criminals know that if they just don’t keep assets that you can attach with a judgment, then you probably won’t be able to collect anything even if you do win in court. Or maybe they’ll send you $5 or $10 dollars a month until they accumulate enough of these judgments against them and then they’ll file bankruptcy and wipe them all out! And if you think they don’t have that planned from the start, think again! We’ve been interviewing dirt bags and they tell us straight out, “bankruptcy is cheap”.

So what can you do? Well, for starters, stay tuned. We’re getting ready to publish a step-by-step account of how they work. You can also stop doing business with folks in the same old friendly way that you always have. It’s not good for you anymore. If you have already been ripped off, you can go to the page “What to do” here on this website. We provide a step-by-step guide to walk you through the process, along with phone numbers and links. And while we are focused primarily on auto rip-offs right now, those directions are good for other rip-offs as well. And you can always contact us, we’ll help any way we can.

While auto repair shops in general have had a reputation over time for ripping people off, Transmission Repair turn out to be the WORST of the worst. Transmission Shops attract LONG TERM criminals because it’s so much harder to prove the crime and it’s a big score almost every time. Think about it, if an auto mechanic SAYS he put a new alternator in your vehicle, but you think he really didn’t, it’s pretty easy to prove. You got to another mechanic, he opens the hood, looks at the alternator and tells you if it looks new or old. Simple, quick, relatively inexpensive. And even if you do get ripped you off, it’s likely to be in the neighborhood of $250 -$300. On the other hand, if a mechanic says he rebuilt your transmission and you think he really didn’t, the ONLY way to know that and to prove it, is to pay for another transmission job. And we’re not talking about a few hundred dollars, we’re likely talking $3,000 – $4,000! And in NC’s case, even if you do prove it, there isn’t much of a penalty under the current laws, which is why these guys hang around as long as they can, racking up victim after victim. Under current North Carolina law, there’s a bigger penalty for driving 10 miles over the speed limit than there is for a mechanic ripping you off!

Follow up through the RSS feeds link as we uncover the storeis with details of how the Dirt Bags set you up to be ripped off!


15 comments to Your neighbor the Felon…

  • truth_be_told

    you knew it was just a matter of time before they did the name-change thing again. Why do our laws SUCK so bad?? LAZR we’re waiting for you to tell us who the new dirt bag is!!!!

  • tj

    to USMC1310 – If you have ever tried to get the BBB to do anything, you would understand. They are more concerned with their paid members than they are with the general public.
    to Josh – I’m so, so sorry about what is happening to you!! My family is military also and I just can’t understand how anyone can treat our military folks or anyone else so badly. We have been talking about your story all afternoon and trying to figure out what we can do. My dad says that he knows the woman that owns that shop and he is going to talk to her. Make sure you go to base legal. I sure hope things get better for you!

  • to Josh

    If their name isn’t Irene Melkonian, they’re full of BULL!! CALL THE POLICE!

  • Ticket please!

    “still watchin” you probably better get yourself a ticket and popcorn too… you’re not going to want to miss what’s coming next.

  • still watchin

    to: ticket please, no threats here just facts!life is a circle and it will bite him / them in the ass!! just keeping an eye on things ,waiting 4 the next court date 4 Terd ! LETS SEE HIM WIGGLE AND SQURIM SOME MORE TIL THEN !!

  • Ticket please!

    So still watchin, is that a threat ? It sounds like you know something… are we about to be on the front lines of some big gang war or something? Not that I’d worry too much about a bunch of losers that rip off senior citizens, single moms and marines that are OUT OF THE COUNTRY. They sound like pathetic wusses. Garbage. Step over ‘em and move on. Besides, as soon as one or two of those marines make it back to town these losers are gonna RUN away. And if they aren’t smart enough to do that, I want a front row seat on what happens next. I’ll take one ticket and pop corn please.

  • anonymous

    i worked for Todd and I’m not proud of that. He’s the most dishonest person I’ve ever met. I couldn’t wait to get out there. He even rips off his employees. Everybody that goes to his shop gets ripped off, even his so called friends. He would have us do stuff to the cars that wouldn’t get noticed right away. It you knew half the stuff he did, you would be shocked. But keep writing stories cuz it’s made him loose al almost all of his business which he hates. He has to get driven around now on account of he lost his license from the dwi, so we call him Miss Daisy now.

  • catching up

    If I read all this right then moving to North Carolina wasn’t the smartest thing i ever did Where i’m from you can’t rip off a mechanic, but they cna’t rip you off either. Sounds like here you can’t rip off a mechanic but it’s okay if they rip you off. is that about it?

  • still watchin


  • update

    still watchin – he had it continued, which we all figured he would. I think they’ll give anybody one continuance, even WITHOUT a lawyer. So we can all watch him wait it out until September 15th now. Everybody WATCH OUT!! This guys going to need a LOT of money for a lawyer and we all know where he gets his money.

  • still watchin

    hey does any one know what happened in court? did get it continued? please let us know A.S.A.P.!!!

  • disgusting

    Let me just find one of your jerks living in my neighborhood! I won’t put up with it!
    JT, you sound like you know George Leggett, why don’t you call him and ask him what’s going on here and WHY? And then report back to us, because I for one, would like to hear his answer… and the police department’s answer and the district attorney’s and everyone else that is supposedly part of our criminal justice system. Someone step up to the microphone and tell us all that you are not just waiting for the “correct number” of people to be ripped off before you do something! This is a disgusting mess!

  • jgs

    JT, I WISH that were so, but unless you are about to tell me you are George Leggett and on your way over there to shut them down, I’m afraid that we are going to have to do the job right here.

    The AG’s office in NC does a TERRIFIC job and we would always recommend them and we do (see the page “WHAT TO DO” on this site). However, that “pattern” that you mentioned… can only be established when more people get ripped off and then report it. Unfortunate, but true.
    Knowing that you should report getting ripped off and how and where to do that, is where we come in.

    In the meantime, I sure hope you’ll make sure that no one you know ever goes to one of their shops or does business with them. We have a list of the names and aliases they use for the business, licensing, leases, utilities and so forth, on the right and will be adding to it shortly. We do not “currently” publish the names of their employees, however, our committee is discussing that and we do have their names and may publish them in the near future. The employees DO KNOW what goes on there and DO provide cover. We’ll go into that in more detail in future updates to the story.

  • JT

    There are ways of doing more than just letting your local magistrate court give them a slap on the wrist,just so they can appeal it. Call George Leggett with the North Carolina Attorney General’s office Consumer Fraud Section. He will make anyone who is ripping people off in the retail sector(auto garages,car dealerships,etc.)especially if there is a pattern and nothing is being done. This is the only person in North Carolina who has the authority to CLOSE THEM DOWN.No one should be ripped off by this guy anymore.

  • PKS

    I would like you to post the addresses. I think I have a right to know when there are criminals living in my neighborhood. Not every little thing everyone has ever done, but certainly if there is a convicted felon or if someone is serving out their parole in my neighborhood, I want to know about it. I have young children! So do many of my neighbors. Please post their names and addresses. If you don’t want to post them online, you can email them to me.

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Oh Oh!!! It seems that Goodman STILL hasn’t learned a thing… NOT ONE THING!!


Are you STILL ripping people off? There are an awful lot of people looking for you lately. Something tells us that you are still up to your same old MESS!! And what's Chucky doing in Jacksonville? You two are not thinking of SPREADING your diseased little operation out, are you?

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